About Us

how it all started

It all started in early 2016 with an idea: what happens when you design a pair of sneakers with color, with the aim of creating a top current look? We still haven’t found the final answer to this question. However, we have realized that the combination of the futuristic appeal of street style and the incomparable charm of artistic craftsmanship creates a large space of possibilities. In this space, the idea of TrittKunst Custom Sneaker has grown and evolved. TrittKunst Custom Sneaker was born from the idea, the thoughts, the eyes, the hands, the dreams and maybe the nightmares of us. We are Marcel & Szuzsanna and we would like to present you our Art on Sneaker.

about us

The idea 2.0

An idea becomes a company. 6 years after our idea we founded the Trittkunst GmbH in October 2021. Thus, we have turned our hobby into a sideline and with this decision we would like to present our art and service even more professionally and transparently.

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